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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rewriting Cold War History

Jennifer Delton, Chair of the History Department at Skidmore College, has published an immensely important article on postwar liberalism and communism. In it she argues, as did Ronald Reagan, that the communist threat to American institutions was real, that communists subverted and sought to take over liberal organizations, that the communist influence short-circuited and blocked legitimate liberal reform, and that the anti-communist measures instituted by the Truman administration, far from being a paranoid response, were rational, reasonable, and fully justified by the communist threat.

The article, appearing in the Journal of the Historical Society, is not available online, but this review by Ronald Radosh is. Check it out.

The liberal/left hegemony that has dominated the upper reaches of the historical profession for the past half century is slowly, but surely, eroding and as it does a more reasonable and balanced view of our nation's past is gradually emerging.

Faster, faster!

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