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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Seven

That afternoon we visited the clifftop village of Sidi Bou Said, one of the high points of our time in Tunisia. We started our tour with a visit to the mansion of Dar El-Annabi, built by a wealthy lawyer in the Eighteenth Century. It has been maintained by his family as a museum, illustrating the lifestyle of the Tunisian elite two centuries and more ago. The place is spectacular and we had a great time wandering through it snapping pictures.

Ho hum, another spectacular doorway....

An interior room for greeting visitors. Pillows, pillows everywhere.

Inside the outer courtyard of the estate.


Inside the kitchen -- an ideal place for a nice cuppa.

The furnishings are exotic and beautiful -- so many possible pictures, so little time....

Pots in the courtyard.

Sometime what lies behind the door is more interesting than the door itself.

But even the fake doorways are pretty spectacular in their own right.

Up the stairs heading for the roof.

View from the roof.


We wanted to spend more time in this wonderful house, but the greater wonders of Sidi Bou Said awaited us below.

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