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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Fifteen

After leaving the museum we headed out through the streets of Tozeur. Right outside we saw this remarkable piece of pottery.

And had our first up close and personal encounter with a camel (It would not be the last).

Then we headed for the medina [old town] section of the city. Our first stop there was at the home of the "crazy musician" [at least that's what our tour guide called him].

Here he is, not so crazy after all. He earned his living teaching children how to perform traditional Tunisian songs and dance and with us he faced a real challenge.

He handed each of us a drum and taught us a simple beat to accompany his singing, then he showed us a simple dance, dressed us in costumes and turned us loose. The result was almost, but not quite, chaos and a lot of fun.

After a while we left his house and proceeded out into the streets of the old city.

Tozeur is noted for its elaborate brickwork. The bricks are manufactured locally and give the city a very distinctive look.

Eventually we emerged from the medina and then it was off to market.

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