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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adventures in India, Part 11 -- The Streets of Jaipur

As we entered Jaipur we passed this structure which to me looked like an ancient fortification. It wasn't. It is a modern dam. Oh well....

A n elephant either on the way to or coming from a wedding. Weddings in India are a big thing, and horses and elephants are part of the festivities. There is a thriving business supplying them and it is not at all unusual to see highly decorated beasts treading the streets of Jaipur.

Crowds at an urban market, and of course another elephant.

And more elephants.

And a wedding horse.

And more crowded streets.

And of course monkeys.

And a wedding band resting between gigs.

And the ubiquitous pigeons.

Swastikas and signs advertising "Aryan" products are a common sight in India, although many Westerners find them disturbing. Aryan is the historical designation for one of the subcontinent's major ethnic groups and the swastika is an ancient Hindu religious symbol. Neither carries the negative connotations so widely applied to them in post-WWII Western cultures.

A shoe shop on the street. You see shoe vendors are everywhere.

And a far more disquieting sight. Small children begging on the streets. This disturbed me far more than I expected. Some in our group, rather than giving them money or ignoring them occasionally handed out food.

A textile shop. I love the bright colors.

And now for a trip to the observatory.Indi

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