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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adventures in India, Part 15 -- Exploring Jaipur

After leaving the fort we traveled back down to the city.

Our first stop was at the famous Jal Mahal, the "floating palace". It's not really floating. During drought periods the lower levels are visible, but during normal times only the top floor is above water. The original structure stood on the edge of a natural lake, but about four centuries ago, in response to a drought emergency, a dam was constructed and much of the structure was submerged. Then in the eighteenth century Maharaja Jai Singh had it rebuilt as a stone structure. There have since been many periods of renovation and neglect, the most recent was a massive reconstruction of the palace, the dam, the lake bottom and the surrounding countryside that produced the structure as we see it now. Like most Raja palaces in India it today is a hotel.

Across the street from where I photographed the Jal Mahal camels sat waiting.

Then it was off for another "shopping opportunity" to a gem and ceramics emporium.

A statue of Lord Ganesh, the god of good fortune.

Nothing special, just an interesting door.

Then through the busy streets of Jaipur...

To a local restaurant for lunch where we were serenaded by this family. He played, she sang, and the kid danced and begged.

We had the afternoon off and hung out around our hotel, but then in the evening several of us headed out into the city again and went to a local club.

There we had a delicious dinner and were entertained by a small group of local musicians and dancers.

Then back to the hotel and to sleep.

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