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Friday, January 06, 2012

Adventures in India, Part 6 -- Hey Hey, Its the Monkeys

Not all of Delhi is cramped and chaotic. Our hotel was located near the government center of New Delhi, officially designated as a "rural" district, and there buildings were spaced out and separated by lawns and dense greenery.

This was the view shortly after sunrise from our hotel room. Note the dense foliage and the haze, which persisted through the day and posed both problems and opportunities for photography.

Approaching the government center. Note the brightly dressed woman on the left with a broom. The government hires large numbers of poor women to perform maintenance duties in public areas, especially tourist destinations, so they were a common sight at the places we visited.

The government center is often compared in travel literature to Washington DC where buildings and monuments are surrounded by carefully tended greenery, broad boulevards, and traffic circles. I can see the similarities.

Our program manager said that he did not understand why American tourists took pictures of animals in the Indian streets until he visited the States. Then he realized that the only places you could see such creatures there was in zoos. To us they are exotics -- to Indians they are commonplace.

I particularly like the texture of this photo. The dappling effect of the shadows and the dry leaves gives it an almost painterly aspect.

Monkeys in the street. Amazingly, drivers seem to ignore them and they don't get hit.

Maybe that's because they are really good at dodging.

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