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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adventures in India, Part 14 -- Exploring the Amber Fort

After dismounting from the elephants we climbed a staircase and entered the main part of the Amber Fort.

And all the time we were being watched from above.

From inside the fort you could see the extent of the city's defenses. Quite impressive for those who haven't been to China.

The main entrance to the living quarters.

Magnificent stonework.

I'll take door number one....

The royal sleeping quarters.

The walls were honeycombed with several levels of narrow passages -- easy to get lost in.

And always above us loomed the Jaiguhr Fort.

Emerging from the wall passages we found ourselves on balconies overlooking courtyards. This one is outside the royal sleeping quarters. From here the raja could look down on petitioners.

More passages....

And more balconies....

A ceiling decoration.

And at last we exited the fort, found a ride back to the causeway, and bade farewell to the Amber Fort.

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