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Friday, November 04, 2005

Carniverous Toilet Lizard

A persistent urban myth (at least I hope it is) surfaces again, this time in Norway, and apparently there is some substance to it.

Aftenposten reports:

Carnivorous lizard in toilet

A three-year-old boy got the fright of his life on a trip to the toilet on Wednesday.

The youngster was lucky that his mother had come along to open and raise the toilet seat. The startled woman found a carnivorous teju, or tegus, a large black and yellow South American lizard, lurking there...

The Akvariet (aquarium) in Bergen was called, and reptile expert Remi Andersen paid a house call. He confirmed that the animal in the apartment in the Nordnes district of Bergen was a 1.5 kilo (3.3 lb) teju.

The teju is capable of holding its breath for half an hour, which probably explains how it managed to navigate its way through the sewer and up into the family toilet. The family is lucky they looked, rather than sat, first.

I'll say!

Read it here.

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