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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Book Bloggery

For people who are serious about books [yeah you] check out Critical Mass, the blog of the national book critics circle board of directors. You will find some wonderful stuff there. An example from this week's postings:

'Drowning (I)

Grace Paley

If I were in the middle of the Atlantic
Drowning far from home
I would look up at the sky
Veil of my hiding life
And say:

Then I would sink

The second time I'd come up I'd say:
These are the willful waves of the watery seas
Which is drowning me
Then I would sink
The third time I'd come up: it would be my last
My arms reaching
My knees falling
I'd cry oh oh
First friend of my thinking head
Dear flesh
This was posted by Leora Skolkin-Smith as part of her tribute to Grace Paley who died on August 22nd.

[Yah, I know Paley was a lefty loon, but she sure could write.]