Day By Day

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Angry Young Idiots

James Lileks looks back at the angry young men of the seventies counter-culture and their favored mode of expression -- the underground comic. In this case it is an angry eco-comic titled "Slow Death". His assessment:
Like most underground comics of the era, they’re profane, illiterate, intolerant of anyone who isn’t a member of the Freak-American community, gleefully despoiling anything that happened in the world the day before they graduated from high school, overinked and saturated with profanity, drugs, and a heavy-lidded nod towards sex, which they might have been interested in one day before they graduated to the better drugs.

Humorless, self-righteous tripe for the most part, complete with dystopian fantasies about life in 1975: no air, no resources, no oceans.
Read the whole column here.

I remember all to well these kinds of guys, and they are still around. What is striking about the above illustration is that this Nixon-era rant could easily have come from the mouth of one of today's eco-warriors.