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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gutfeld on Binnie Laden

If you have not yet seen FOX News' "Red Eye" check it out -- nightly at 2:00 am [hey, that's what TIVO is for]. Each night host Greg Gutfeld delivers his "Gregalogue" in which he addresses some item in the current news. This weekend his subject is Bin Laden's taped message to America.

So you've seen the latest message from our favorite goat-toucher Usama bin Laden. In it, he criticizes Americans for reelecting, instead of punishing, Bush, as well as harping on Democrats for not securing a retreat from Iraq. He also mentions global warming and praises Noam Chomsky, the patron saint of the left.

It was at this point, I thought I was listening to Keith Olbermann. That's when it dawned on me. Bin Laden isn't just a terrorist. He's worse. A liberal!

The show is a mess, but it is a funny mess. Check it out, or if you can't read the "Gregalogues" at the "Daily Gut" here.


The NeoNeocon notes the similarities between bin Laden's pronouncements and those of Arianna Huffington. [here]

If you want to read a transcript of bin Ladin's remarks go here.