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Monday, September 10, 2007

Perfidious Democrats

The Examiner reports on Democrat voter fraud financed by George Soros during the 2004 elections:

It appears that lurking in the political shadows with billionaire philanthropist and Democratic financier George Soros is a tar pit of old-fashioned sleaze. It’s hard to conclude otherwise in view of two recent election fraud verdicts against political activist groups heavily financed by Soros.

In the first verdict, the Federal Election Commission handed Americans Coming Together the third-largest fine ever levied by the agency. The $775,000 fine against ACT followed an FEC investigation that found the group, which was organized for the 2004 campaign with substantial funding and active encouragement from Soros, spent $70 million of its $137 million budget on “clearly identified federal candidates in a manner that could only be paid for with federal funds.” ACT claimed it spent the money on voter registration drives. The FEC concluded ACT illegally spent the $70 million to support Democratic candidates. A $775,000 fine for a $70 million crime seems a mere pittance, but that’s an issue for another day.

In the second verdict, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — better known as ACORN — agreed to pay a $25,000 fine to settle vote fraud charges brought by Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed. ACORN employees were supposed to help eligible voters fill out their registration cards, but instead were submitting cards with false names like that of former boxing champion Leon Spinks. Reed called ACORN’s actions “the largest case of voter registration fraud in the state’s history.” Again, the fine seems paltry given the seriousness of the crime, but at least ACORN, which has received much funding from Soros, was caught and made to pay something.

Read it here.

Didn't hear much about this in the MSM did you? No special reports on the major networks. No
outraged editorials from the NYT. Wonder why.

I have friends in Baltimore -- left-wing Democrats -- who have petitioned the city to block distribution of the Examiner in their neighborhoods. Why? They claim it is just because the papers are a unsightly nuisance that might pile up and allow thieves to identify residents who are not at home. I suspect, though, that their real reason is that they don't want information like this disseminated.

If you want to read the Examiner online, check it out here.