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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Films to Miss

"David Kahane" [pseud.] has an interesting piece over at NRO, listing the current and upcoming anti-war films pouring out of Hollywood. They include:
In the Valley of Elah
Grace Is Gone* [see below]
The Kingdom
Lions for Lambs
as well as several already in theaters.

You won't want to see them, and apparently nobody else does. He notes:
Now, what do all these films have in common — besides being passionate indictments?

They all flopped. Or will, soon enough. (Except for, maybe, The Kingdom, which apparently has an appalling whiff of vigilantism.) And this is something we out here in Hollywood just cannot wrap our minds around.

What the hell is wrong with this country? We support the troops, showing them as the dysfunctional, murdering, drug-addicted, red-state crypto-rapists in need of psychoanalysis we all know they really are. Hey — even the Marine officer in Alan Ball’s award-winning American Beauty a few years back was humanized by making him a sadist and a closet queen. And this is the thanks we get?

So what should we go to see? How 'bout The Brave One starring lesbo-American icon Jodie Foster as Charles Bronson?


"She Who Must Not Be Named" and I will be seeing 3:10 to Yuma this afternoon.


The reception to "In the Valley of Elah" has been so negative that John Cusack's "Grace Is Gone" has just been shelved. It has been removed from distribution schedules and may never be seen.