Day By Day

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Appalachian Spring

Now that Spring is in full swing there are lots pretty things to occupy my attention.

Everywhere Bradford pears are blossoming. I took this picture close-up with a zoom lens to blur the background.

This is what the yellow background would have looked like with a deeper focus. Yep, the dandelions are back with a vengeance. The people who own this field have tried to fight them, but it's a losing battle.

A dear friend of ours has a thing about red barns. This one is for you, Lucille.

Closer to home, the pink azaleas have peaked, the reds are just budding [soon, soon], the daffodils are all [that's a Pennsylvania Dutchism], but the tulips are out and they are glorious.

And, before you know it, the dogwoods will be in full bloom.

It's nice to live in paradise.