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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Hidden War In Pakistan

Another story you may have missed because the MSM just isn't interested:

The U.S. has scored a major success against al Qaeda and the Taliban in the Pakistani tribal areas.

Syed Saleem Shazhad explains:

KARACHI - The Taliban and their al-Qaeda associates, in what they considered a master stroke, this year started to target the Western alliance's supply lines that run through Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Their focal point was Khyber Agency, in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, a key transit point for as much as 70% of the alliance's supplies needed to maintain its battle against the Afghan insurgency.

The spectacular blowing up on March 20 of 40 gas tankers at Torkham - the border crossing in Khyber Agency into Afghanistan's Nangarhar province - sent shock waves through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led (NATO) coalition.
But that's not the end of the story.
When the Taliban's new tactic emerged, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - which Pakistan's intelligence community says maintains its biggest South Asian presence in Pakistan - sprung into action and staged a coup of its own.

Last week the Taliban captured two officials of the World Food Program in Khyber Agency, intending to hold them for ransom. Then things began to fall apart.

Unlike in previous Taliban attacks in the area, local paramilitary forces chased the Taliban after this incident. The Taliban retaliated and five soldiers were killed, but then their ammunition ran out and they surrendered the two workers and tried to flee, but they were blocked.

The Taliban called in reinforcements, but so did the paramilitary troops, and a stalemate was reached. Eventually, the Taliban managed to capture a local political agent (representing the central government) and they used him as a hostage to allow their escape.

They retreated to their various safe houses, but to their horror, paramilitary troops were waiting for them and scores were arrested, and their arms caches seized.
What had happened was a fascinating account of military and espionage thrust and counter-thrust. It's far too complex to summarize here so read the whole article and see how the counter-terrorist tactics refined in Iraq are being applied and having an effect in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Read it here.