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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sowell Commentary

From Thomas Sowell, some pithy comments:

Nothing is more fraudulent than calls for a "dialogue on race." Those who issue such calls are usually quick to cry "racism" at any frank criticism. They are almost invariably seeking a monologue on race, to which others are supposed to listen.


Whenever I see one of Barack Obama's smooth performances, it reminds me of a saying from my old neighborhood in Harlem: "An eel is like sandpaper compared to you."


What is more scary than any particular candidate or policy is the gullibility of the public and their willingness to be satisfied with talking points, rather than serious arguments.
Read the whole thing here.

Somehow I don't think he'll be voting for that nice, well-spoken, young Senator from Chicago. Come to think of it, neither will I. The Clintons may be loathsome, but they're not really dangerous -- Obama's naivete and glibness scares me. He could be worse than Jimmah Carter.

Sowell speaks for me when he writes:
Senator John McCain could never convince me to vote for him. Only Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama can cause me to vote for McCain.
There is one thing McCain could do that would enthuse me, and that is to choose Condi as his running mate.

Note: this does not mean that I am giving up on Alaska's gorgeous guv, but her pregnancy seems to have taken her out of consideration.