Day By Day

Monday, May 11, 2009

At the Church of the Latter Day Hippies

This weekend we traveled with some friends up to the Clyburn Arboretum where they were having a "market day". The event brought plant vendors and craftspeople from all around the Baltimore area together to sell their wares to plodding masses of aging and aspiring gardeners.

Not being a gardener myself I simply wandered around with my camera for a while, snapping pictures of the oddities on display (like "Rum Buns" here) then found a cool, shady place to sit and read. Between the crafties and the greenies the atmosphere was vaguely reminiscent of late sixties/early seventies hippydom, and I found it a bit off-putting. These weren't my kind of people back then, and they aren't today.

After a while my wife returned loaded down with plants. We all piled into the car and went back to the Inner Harbor for a late lunch. Not a bad excursion, but not particularly good either. The main consequence -- our apartment is coming more and more to look like a greenhouse.