Day By Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures

We arrived home in the middle of the night. The garage door wakened the flycatcher that nests on our alarm box. In its panic the poor thing took refuge in the closest brightly lit area, the garage, and refused to leave. So what to do? If we closed the door it would be trapped inside. If we left the door open all manner of critters would come in, and that, my wife declared, was completely unacceptable.

So we compromised. We shut the door for the night, got up early in the morning, and left it open while my wife poked around in her garden. After a few hours we checked out the garage again and the bird was gone. It was also gone from the nest over the alarm and we haven't seen it since.

The second round of azaleas are looking good this week, as are the trees, particularly the dogwoods.

Even the holly was blooming.

And the fading blooms still retained their beauty.

Just another Spring day here in the gorgeous Commonwealth.