Day By Day

Saturday, May 02, 2009

At the Peabody

Went to the Symphony last night. Not the BSO, which is in dire financial straits, but the Peabody.

Normally I prefer chamber concerts, but this was special. It was the Peabody Concert Orchestra and the Peabody Singers Peabody-Hopkins Chorus performing Mendelssohn's "Renaissance" Symphony [No. 5 in D major] and Mozart's Mass in C minor, "The Great".

I never cared that much for Mendelssohn, but the Mozart was a treat. Soprano soloist Jennifer Holbrook was particularly impressive. She has a wonderful and versatile instrument, great range and tone, and remarkable precision. Mozart's little joke: You had to feel for the bass soloist, Benjamin Moore, who sat stiffly on stage through the entire performance, trying not to look bored, until the Benediction when he finally got to sing a few bars, and then the show was over.