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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bush was Right (continued)

Andy McCarthy writes:

The Obama campaign slandered the [military] commissions, just like it slandered Gitmo, military detention, coercive interrogations, the state secrets doctrine, extraordinary rendition, and aggressive national-security surveillance. Gitmo is still open (and Obama and Holder now admit it's a first-rate facility), we are still detaining captives (except when Obama releases dangerous terrorists), the Obama Justice Department has endorsed the Bush legal analysis of torture law in federal court, and Obama has endorsed state secrets, extraordinary rendition, and national-security surveillance (and the Bush stance on surveillance has since been reaffirmed by the federal court created to rule on such issues).

Do these people ever get called on their hypocrisy?

Read it here.

To answer Andy's question, of course not, that is if you are waiting for the MSM to do their job.

There are two very important points to be made regarding the continuity of policy from the Bush to the Obama administrations:

1) Bush was following legal and proper courses of action in his prosecution of the war on terror.

2) Obama knew that Bush was right, but chose instead to lie about and undermine those programs for political gain.