Day By Day

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Its Getting Nasty

Rick Moran gets down on the Republican Base which he calls "anarcho-conservatives".

What is it that possesses certain conservatives to fool themselves so spectacularly into believing that they can create a majority out of a minority?

That kind of alchemy hasn’t been seen since Nostradamus tried to turn lead into gold. In the case of far right conservatives who think that they can turn their meager numbers into a ruling majority all by themselves, the disconnect from reality would normally call for an intervention - except they reject anything from anybody who doesn’t agree with them 100%. Nor can they seem to grasp complex political realities that would complicate their simplistic, ignorant view that their idea of what constitutes a “conservative” reigns supreme all across the land.

Read the whole thing here -- he gets nasty on Bill Quick.

Meanwhile uber-RINO David Frum is making nice with Glenn Beck. These are, as they say, interesting times.