Day By Day

Monday, November 16, 2009

Signs of the Times

Obamao t-shirts, conceived as a compliment to our fine young President, but now banned because some thought it sent the wrong political message. Other's see it as perceptive commentary.

There he goes again -- bowing to a foreign leader. The first time might be excused as simple ignorance on his part, but he keeps doing it so the bows must be deliberate. Why does he do it? Who knows, but there are no acceptable answers.

And again with the Mao imagery. Does Obama not know who Mao was and what he did? Or could it be that he just doesn't care. Again the question arises -- are these gestures simply a matter of ignorance, or is Obama trying to signal his disdain for Western culture and values and acceptance of the worst the Twentieth Century had to offer? Time will tell.