Day By Day

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures -- Dutch Country

This week I'm posting some pictures I took while we were driving through Pennsylvania Dutch country -- my favorite part of the commonwealth.

First, migration season is in full swing and the Susquehanna valley seems to be a favored route for a number of species. As we drove through there were literally thousands of birds in the sky and, most interesting for me, several flocks of Canada geese, some of them winging low overhead.

And down around York we saw balloons in the sky, not an unusual sight in that area. There is a full-time ballooning company operating in York County and they seem to be doing a pretty good business.

And also in York County. This is Lake Redman, a lovely stretch along Rte. 83 near Leader Heights.

And no trip through Central Pennsylvania would be complete without a picture of an Amish horse and buggy. This was taken east of Lancaster along Rte #222.

And just a bit earlier, not far from Reading, we had driven through a rain squall. The sun shining through the clouds cast an eerie glow over the landscape, so naturally I took a picture. Strange, eh?

That's all for this week, folks -- just another wonder-filled jaunt through the gorgeous commonwealth.