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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kerry Staffer Says Bush Was Right

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a journalist. He is also a lawyer who served on Senator John F. Kerry’s legal team during the 2004 election. Belatedly he has come to realize that he, along with many other Americans did the former president a great disservice. Here are a few quotes from an article he recently wrote titled "America Betrayed President Bush".
One year after taking office... Obama has done a total reversal on his isolationist, non- interventionist foreign policy, and is now pushing President Bush’s neo-conservative philosophy as a justification for starting a new war in Afghanistan. What the Democratic Party once criticized as an over-simplified good vs. evil argument has become the cornerstone of Obama’s reasoning.


As Obama continues to make decisions that mirror the Bush doctrine, it is becoming apparent that the former president was not ignorant or irrational in his foreign policy decisions despite the harsh criticism and disloyalty he endured. He was in fact, ahead of his time, a visionary who understood politics and warfare in the modern age of terrorism.

That is why Obama is now following his lead.

Read the whole thing here. I mean it, read the whole thing.

As Obama slowly but surely grows into the office of president and begins to confront its awesome responsibilities he becomes more and more like Bush and more of a disappointment to his left-wing supporters. What they cannot admit is that Bush was right, even though the realization seems to be dawning on their idol. Much of the disorder that has characterized this new administration has been blamed on incompetence, but I think that it is largely attributable to the fact that they came into office armed with very bad ideas and holding false assumptions about the country, the world, and the nature of our political system.

I'll give Obama credit for one thing. He is learning. In a couple more years he might make a half-way decent president.