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Friday, January 01, 2010

Man Of the Year

This is a nice post to start off the new year. Don Surber has named former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his "Man of the Year".

Naming Sarah Palin as Man of the Year is the only logical conclusion to a year when Americans who petitioned their government for a redress of grievances were smeared as “un-American” by the people who are temporarily in charge.

And still the people rose up.

Mrs. Palin has endured more slings and more arrows than any other politician in America. She may not have gone into any burning buildings, but she was singed nonetheless. Had Obama’s mansion deal received one-tenth the scrutiny that her shopping for clothes received, we conservatives would be grousing today about President Hillary.
I agree. Sarah, more than anyone else this past year, symbolized the awakening of mainstream America to the fact that beltway denizens and the "experts" who inhabit our academic precincts are not serving our best interests. She stood up to corruption, to cronyism, to withering contempt of elite opinion, and she has emerged as a driving force in our political culture.

Good pick, Don.

Read his whole post here.

Clayton Cramer has read Sarah's Going Rogue and is impressed with both the book and the woman [here].