Day By Day

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Eve at the Harbor

This year we trundled down to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to celebrate the New Year festivities. I promised not to post any pictures of the revelers online, so we will have to do with a few shots of the downtown fireworks extravaganza.

This year the fireworks were spread out over three locations running down the river from the Harbor toward Fort McHenry. For a while we were uncertain as to whether they would come off at all. There was steady rain all evening and in the past the city had canceled displays due to rain. You can see the raindrops under the streetlights in the following shot.

On this chill, wet night we all remained snug and warm inside and after a wonderful dinner at Brighton's found a nice, quiet corner of the main dining room in the Intercontinental Hotel where we could sit with friends and pretty much ignore the very loud celebrations going on right down the hall. We must be getting old. A few years ago we would have gravitated toward the music, noise and laughter but this year the women in the group preferred to go somewhere where they could talk and I didn't mind at all although I admit I volunteered to get people drinks a few times just so I had an excuse to briefly revisit the party lounge and remind myself that it was, indeed, New Years Eve.

We had a great view straight down the river and could see all three displays simultaneously. The sight was impressive, but I particularly liked the fact that the most striking displays were taking place right across the road from where we were sitting. Here are a few shots of them.

Friends, food and drink, and fireworks -- not a bad way to see out the old year and welcome the new.