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Friday, June 16, 2006

The End of the American Moment?

Mark Steyn on the consequences of Murtha Madness:
I think for America to actually announce an exit strategy, to say you're right, this is a disaster, we're getting out of here, we're going home, it would end the American moment. If America cannot even withstand in fact what is a relatively successful operation in Iraq, if even that is too traumatizing for a society of 300 million, then that's the end of the American moment. There's no reason for Russia and China to pay any attention to America ever again. Not only that, there's no reason for Belgium or Luxembourg to take America seriously ever again. It's over. You go the John Kerry route, it's over. And if Americans really want to be the kind of defeatist loser nation that Kerry-Kennedy & Co. paint them as, so be it. I don't think they are...
Read his remarks here.

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