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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Hero For Our Times -- Meet Sabine Herold, Classical Liberal

As France sinks deeper into decrepitude, one strong voice is speaking out clear and strong against the decline.

The Times reports:

AN ambitious young Frenchwoman whose fight against trade unions has earned her the nickname Mademoiselle Thatcher is to stand for parliament at the start of a political career which she hopes will revolutionise France.

If elected next year, Sabine Herold, the darling of the French right, will become the country’s youngest MP so far at the age of 25.

In March, Herold helped to launch Liberal Alternative, a political party that already has representatives in 150 French towns and cities. She hopes that it will soon have several MPs.

“People are hungry for change,” she said in an interview last week. “But none of the traditional parties on the left or the right offers any prospect for a break with the past. We want to create a new generation of politicians to be able to change France.”

Read about her here.

Here she is in her own words on the subject of higher grounds to which individual freedom must be subordinated.

There is no such thing as these “superior grounds” to which some people think individual liberties should be subordinated. Let's not get fooled, they have no real foundations. Theses so called “superior grounds” have invariably led to massacres, arbitrariness and social failures. They were mere means for some to increase their own power and hence caused disasters. There is no unique good that can suit anyone at anytime. The highest ground is the individual.
Read it here.

Ah, liberte, cherie. Well said!

Joel Shepherd has interviewed her and writes about it here and here.

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