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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mugabe Invokes the Whipping Boy

These days the universal reflex of scoundrels seeking to evade responsibility for their crimes is to blame Bush.

Now Mad Bobby Mugabe -- a man whose..., shall we call them eccentricities, make even the mad Mullahs of Iran look good, a man who is striving to carve out a place in history comparable to those of his heroes Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung, has taken the line that it's all Bush's fault.

News 24 reports:

Harare - The United States is seeking to block global aid to economically-ravaged Zimbabwe to force President Robert Mugabe to step down, a state daily said on Sunday.

"The United States is rolling out yet another programme that seeks to block all avenues of donor assistance to Zimbabwe in a bid to force regime change," The Sunday Mail reported....

"The US vainly hopes that they can tantalise Zimbabweans through empty offers of aid to self-destruct," Charamba said.

"It is clear the US have a problem with the liberation ethos as well as its symbol President Robert Mugabe and are thus intent on reversing all that together with the gains of independence," he said.

"The overall intention is clearly to turn Zimbabwe into a neo-colony."

Read it here.

That's right Bobby, it's Bush's fault..., everything is after all.

What is dismaying is that so many people around the world are willing to swallow such claptrap and that Western powers have allowed themselves to be intimidated into inaction in the face of the evil that anti-colonialist ethos has spawned.

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