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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Zimbabwe Update -- The UN Speaks reports:

LIVING conditions have worsened in Zimbabwe, where most of the 700,000 people who lost homes or businesses in mass evictions last year were still struggling to find shelter, a United Nations housing expert said today.

Miloon Kothari, the UN special rapporteur on adequate housing, said most of those displaced by President Robert Mugabe's May 2005 eviction campaign remained homeless, in resettlement camps or were living without food, safe water or sanitation.

"It is as bad as it can get," Mr Kothari said.

Read it here.

Oh no it isn't. It can get worse, and probably will. The article notes:

"We have information that another round of evictions is imminent," he said.
And what about the "international community"?

"The political leaders continue to be silent. They are saying there is quiet diplomacy, but you can't have quiet diplomacy for a year with no results," he said.

"The international community seems to have forgotten the people of Zimbabwe," he told reporters at UN headquarters in Geneva.

Ah yes! "Quiet diplomacy!" We've seen how that game works. The "international community" will take action against Mugabe and his thugs, right after they sanction military force against Iran.


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