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Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Myth Exploded -- Organic Farming is Bad for the Environment

The Independent reports:

Organic food may be no better for the environment than conventional produce and in some cases is contributing more to global warming than intensive agriculture, according to a government report.

The first comprehensive study of the environmental impact of food production found there was "insufficient evidence" to say organic produce has fewer ecological side-effects than other farming methods.

Verrrry interrresting!

Read it here. Hat tip Jonah Goldberg

Of course the greenies aren't buying it. They are addicted to the sense of moral superiority they get from shopping at Whole Foods and paying exorbitant prices for produce.

I must admit that I, too, shop at Whole Foods occasionally, but that is just because it's the only market in reasonable walking distance. I much prefer to climb into my gas-guzzling, pollution spewing SUV and drive ten miles to a Wegman's where I can shop with normal people.

Yes, of course, it's inverse snobbery -- but more, I just don't feel comfortable in the company of urban environmentalists.

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