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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Republican Voters Back Bush, and the War

Richard Benedetto in USA Today notes that President Bush's support among Republicans remains high, around 75% approval, much higher than support for Republican Congresscritters. About the same proportion [72%] approve the decision to invade Iraq.

Benedetto suggests that this means that Bush is far from being a lame duck and that Republican legislators should think twice before abandoning him.

Let us hope so. McCain, I'm talkin' to you!

The poll suggests what I've always suspected -- that this last election was less about Bush and the war than the Democrats would have you believe. There was massive disenchantment in Republican ranks with the Party's Congressional and State leadership and disaffected voters simply stayed home, handing Democrats an easy, if narrow, win. The war may have energized Democrats, but it had little effect on the Republican vote. Republicans who run against Bush and the war will find, to their regret, that it is never safe to accept the Democrats' interpretation of events.

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