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Monday, February 26, 2007

Multi-Tasking on Oscar Night

"She Who Must Not Be Named" decided that we should watch the Oscar awards show together, and so we did. It wasn't too bad. I kept a computer screen between me and the TV for most of it and made several long trips to the bathroom [where I keep an ample supply of reading material] or to the kitchen.

There really was nothing in the whole evening's program worth blogging. Roger Simon, who has been there -- done that, explains why. He writes:

Of course they're dull. They're supposed to be. They're an awards ceremony, for crissakes. ... Of course they are not nearly as dull as the tedious critics... who take them seriously enough to write a full scale review of them. Nevertheless some people watched. But anyone who didn't multi-task should be as ashamed of him/herself. Even the nominees were multi-tasking, schmoozing up their next jobs, if I remember the scene from when I was nominated ages ago (1989). Also, as I recall, the parties afterwards were also deadly dull - no matter what the hyperventilating TV commentators make you want to think - though I was never invited to the vaunted Vanity Fair extravaganza, so perhaps I missed something (free drinks).
Read him here.

It is amazing just how much of our time is taken up in such trivial pursuits. Who, outside the industry, really gives a r*ts *ss about this stuff, and why?

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