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Friday, February 02, 2007

How to Deal with William Arkin -- Iowahawk Has a Few Ideas

Iowahawk debates an appropriate response to William Arkin's repulsive views on the American military. [For Arkin's views on the military go here, and here]

The debate resolution is:

"Should Washington Post Military Analyst William Arkin Be Beaten Like the Repulsive Sack of Shit He Is?"

Read it here. Go ahead..., you'll enjoy it, especially if you know anyone who has served in Iraq.

Remember, this creep writes on military affairs for the Washington Post!

ps: I actually agree with some of what he says. Asking a four-star general what to do about Iraq is like asking the CEO of Enron what to do about the energy crisis, or the CEO of Exxon/Mobil what to do about oil dependency. The point being that none of these are objective, disinterested sources. [For that matter neither are the activist critics] To this extent Arkin is right, but he goes far, far beyond that and I cannot agree with, indeed I condemn, the rest of his commentary.

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