Day By Day

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Noticing Burn Notice

We've been watching the latest USA series, "Burn Notice." It's a "comedy/action" drama, and it's pretty well done. The hook is that the hero, played by Jeffrey Donovan, is an ex-spy who was fired "burned" for mysterious reasons. He is now a marked man, based in Miami, and in constant peril. He is trying to find out why and by whom he was burned and, to support himself, takes on jobs locally that take maximum advantage of his skills. The scripts are formulaic, but the characters are well-defined. The hero's girl is "Fiona", a beautiful but sadistic former IRA terrorist played by Gabrielle Anwar. His friend and contact with official sources is played by the wonderful Bruce Campbell. His mother, with whom he has a tension-filled relationship is played by the even more wonderful Sharon Gless.

Lots of talent on display here. These guys are all veteran actors with major accomplishments under their belts. They work well together and it's a joy to watch them play with their roles.

Highly recommended -- only one thing worries me. "She Who Must Not Be Named" enjoys watching the Fiona character entirely too much.