Day By Day

Monday, August 13, 2007

Huckabee Breaks Out

Lots of people are phoo-phooing the Iowa straw poll, but it has changed the dynamics of the Republican race in one important respect. National attention is now focused for the first time on Gov. Mike Huckabee from Arkansas.

Before Ames Huckabee had impressed a few pundits for his performance in debates but was generally ignored. Only Newt Gingrich seemed to be taking him seriously. Now, at least for a few days, he's all over the place, and he is impressing people.

Last night driving down Rte 83 we listened to the Gov. being interviewed on a New York station by a Democrat talk show host. He was intelligent, charming, witty, and informed. I was impressed.

More importantly, so was "She Who Must Not Be Named." I'm not a Republican nor am I a consistent conservative, but "She" is both. Huckabee made her laugh. "I like this guy", she said. "So do I" I replied.

"She" continued, noting just how sensible he sounded and was obviously interested because she kept asking me questions about his background, his weight loss, etc.

That's impressive. If Mick Huckabee can get her interested in his candidacy he has accomplished something that few other politicians have done.

He's a guy to watch.