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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lebanese Beach Babes -- There's More to Life than Politics

You gotta admire the Lebanese. When they want to party, they party, and nothing -- not assassinations, not terrorism, not even war -- gets in their way.

Here was the scene at Damour, a beach resort not far from Beirut.
Young Ukrainian models in flimsy lingerie spray champagne at a boisterous crowd of young Lebanese at a swanky beach resort south of Beirut -- barely a year after Israeli bombs were falling nearby.

Drinks in hand, shapely women in skimpy bikinis dance to the latest club song with men smoking Cuban cigars, underlining the image of a wealthy hedonist minority seizing any chance to escape their country's political crisis and uncertain future.


Young Lebanese were... adamant about making the most of their summer despite a brewing crisis over presidential polls.

"We're worried about the presidential elections, but we're not going to stop living until politicians agree on something," said Mark Khoury, 26, lounging near the poolside bar.

Sounds perfectly sensible to me. Way to go Mark!

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