Day By Day

Friday, August 03, 2007

Mist On the Mountain; Bird on the Porch

We spent the last few days up on the mountain. It was hot and humid, but nowhere as bad as down in the city. And the mornings were spectacular.

One afternoon the heat started to get to me. I went up to the bedroom, turned a fan on full blast, turned up the radio and just vegged out. About an hour later I went back downstairs. "She Who Must Not Be Named" met me at the foot of the stairs. "Where were you?" she asked. "I was trying to call you!"

I wondered what was wrong? What had happened? It turned out this was what had gotten her so excited -- a hummingbird hovering on the side porch.

"She" was looking for my camera and couldn't find it. That's what the shouting was about. Finally she located it and got a few shots before the bird flew away. It would have been nice, though, if she had remembered to replace the lens cap and had bothered to return the camera to its case.