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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hillary Emotes Again

It must be getting tough on the campaign trail. Hill is losing ground both in Wisconsin, which she has to win, and in the national polls. So she [get ready for it] starts choking back tears again.

KENOSHA, Wis.-- Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s voice filled with emotion today as she listened to the story of a mother and young daughter who said they were being forced from their home due to a skyrocketing adjustable mortgage.

Appearing at a rally and question and answer session inside the Brat Shop, a restaurant located off Interstate 94, the main north-south route between Chicago and Milwaukee, Clinton asked local officials if they could provide any help to the woman.

Read it here.

Bill and Hill have worked themselves into the position where nothing that they do can ever be taken at face value. The assumption is always that everything they present to the public is coldly and carefully calculated. Is this possible? Ot, can it be that she really can work herself into an emotional state listening to some stupid woman who signed up for an ARM expecting that interest rates would stay low forever.

Beats me.