Day By Day

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Subversive Bureaucrats

I am not a fan of John Bolton's. His "plain talk" all too often consists of urging the administration to take precipitate and dangerous actions. I see him as sort of a Lou Dobbs of the Right. Well, maybe not quite so repulsive as Dobbs, but repulsive enough. I can see why so many people opposed his nomination.

But, as my grandaddy used to say, "even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while" and Bolton's recent piece in the Wall Street Journal is dead on the nose. In it he accuses the intelligence services of outright subversion that borders on treason. The evidence for that assessment is overwhelming and it is high time that the seamy underside of the inter-agency wars be exposed. This time Bolton knows whereof he writes. Pay attention to him.

Read the whole thing here.