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Friday, June 13, 2008

Coulter on Bush's Greatness

I don't often read Ann Coulter and seldom agree with her more extreme provocations, but I ran across this piece she did for Human Events and the first short paragraph caught my attention. She wrote:
In a conversation recently, I mentioned as an aside what a great president George Bush has been and my friend was surprised. I was surprised that he was surprised.
Coulter then lays out her case for considering Bush to be a great president. Her essential points [reframed by me], with which I find it hard to argue:

Bush has kept us safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11 -- something that no one at the time thought possible.

By toppling two of the world's most repressive regimes, he has liberated tens of millions of people.

He has been a wartime leader as effective as any other president in the nation's history, winning big in Iraq and Afghanistan and marginalizing al Qaeda and associated terrorist groups throughout the Muslim world.

He has promoted liberal democratic and humane values in regions of the world where such things were unimaginable when he began his term of office.

So great has been his success that we have all but forgotten just how daunting were the challenges he faced just a few years ago.

Her conclusion -- extreme as always, but this time something with which I heartily concur:

The sheer repetition of lies about Bush is wearing people down. There is not a liberal in this country worthy of kissing Bush's rear end, but the weakest members of the herd run from Bush. Compared to the lickspittles denying and attacking him, Bush is a moral giant -- if that's not damning with faint praise. John McCain should be so lucky as to be running for Bush's third term. Then he might have a chance.