Day By Day

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Harbor Views -- Boats and Mirrors

She Who Must Not Be Named and I have spent a lot of time recently hanging out at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Here's a bit of what we saw:

Of course, one of the big attractions is the seemingly endless parade of tall ships that come through. Ships like this:

And this:

And this:

Of course, we don't spend all our time at the tourist traps. Yesterday we walked down to Tabrizi's for dinner. Years ago, when they were located on South Charles Street, it was one of my favorite restaurants, but I hadn't been there since they moved to their new location on the waterfront. Here's a bit of what we saw on the way:

A mirror tree along the Key Highway, just outside the "Institute for Incredibly Ugly, Stupid and Cliched Nonsense that Left Wing Loons are Trying to Pass Off as Art".

And of course, more boats.

And at the restaurant, more boats.

Too bad I'm a confirmed landlubber.

The food was good though. "She" had salmon, I had the lamb. All through the meal "She" kept eying my plate, hoping that I would offer to share. If "She" had said anything I would have, but she kept quiet. Then, as we walked home "She" commented that the lamb sure smelled good. "Tasted good, too" I replied. "We'll come back here soon," "She" said, "and next time I'll order lamb." Sounds good to me. There are a lot of other things on the menu I would like to try.