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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Despotism Wins Again

AP reports:
HARARE, Zimbabwe - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said Sunday he is pulling out of this week's presidential runoff because mounting violence and intimidation have made it impossible to hold a credible election.
Read the whole thing here.

Tsvangirai made the only rational choice. He couldn't ask his followers to vote if that act would imperil their lives. One after another, outside forces have turned their eyes away from the monstrous atrocities committed by ZANU-PF. The UN, the EU, the UK, the ANU, and Thabo MBeki's regime in South Africa all refused to intervene to stop the killing.

Zimbabwe illustrates the utter and profound immorality of transnational liberalism. Those who deplore Mugabe's atrocities, but refuse to act against them are the same people who denounced George Bush when he toppled two of the most brutal and oppressive tyrannies in the contemporary world.