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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Al Gore Reaches Out and Touches Somebody


The more we learn about Al Gore, the more despicable he becomes. There is the lying, the naked ambition, the profiteering, and now the sex scandal. KGW News in Portland reports:

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Vice President Al Gore was the subject of a criminal investigation into alleged sexual assault of a Portland licensed massage therapist in a Portland hotel room in 2006.
An article in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER was the first to report the incident Wednesday.
No criminal charges were brought against Gore.The woman told police she was "repeatedly subjected to unwanted sexual touching" in Gore's hotel room at the Hotel Lucia, according to the police report.
Gore was in town to campaign for Governor Ted Kulongoski in October, 2006. Neither Gore nor his representatives could be reached for comment Wednesday. He and his wife Tipper recently announced plans to divorce.

The masseuse was interviewed by investigators, telling them about an evening massage session in where Gore allegedly became enraged at times and tried to gain sexual favors from the woman.
Read the whole thing here.

Once more the tabloid press has scooped the MSM on a major story involving a liberal icon. The tendency of the establishment press to protect their favorites is getting ridiculous, and dangerous because people they are covering for are in a position to affect the lives and fortunes of millions.

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