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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Forty Four (The End)

Up bright and early on our final day in Tunisia. Many members of our group took a trip up to Monastir and to the medina of Sousse. Some of us, though, elected to stay behind to enjoy the resort at which we were staying.

I mean, who wouldn't want to bask in all this luxury? Soon, however, my camera was begging to be taken out for a walk, so we headed down to the beach.

Even at mid-morning the beaches were crowded, mostly with tourists from Germany and France.

Not all that impressive for a kid who grew up in Florida, but the Mediterranean was very, very nice for a March day.

After lunch we headed down to the port of Sousse which was filled with luxury boats and yachts. Americans may not have discovered the charms of Tunisia, but wealthy Europeans flock here in large numbers.

A grebe was fishing in the middle of the harbor.

And creating quite a fuss. Naturally, I took pictures.

Fishing boats.

I wasn't the only one obsessively snapping away. Here's a group of kids from Hong Kong. When I pointed my camera their way, they decided to show off.

As we headed back to our bus for the final trip to the hotel we passed through a small amusement park/zoo. Here's a shot of one of the exhibits -- a fearsome wild beast from Mexico [or possibly Beverly Hills].

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