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Friday, June 04, 2010

Jonah's Take on the Flotilla Crisis

Jonah Goldberg writes on the flotilla kerfluffle and makes two very important points:

The first is obvious:
How do you know when a proselytizer of nonviolence is full of it? When he doesn't object to the use of violence.
So much for the supposed "peace activists" and their supporters.

Then on to his more specific point:
The assumption is that world opinion is open to hearing Israel's side of the story. But that hasn't been the case for years. From the "Jenin massacre" that was no massacre to the idiotic charges of "genocide" that erupt across the Arab world, the moment Israel defends itself from missiles or "martyrs," the presumption is always that Israel is the villain.


North Korea recently sank a South Korean ship. The international reaction has been muted and sober. Turkey -- the Palestinians' new champion -- has been treating Kurdish nationalists harshly for generations; no one cares. The Russians crush Chechens, the Chinese trample Uighurs. Real genocides unfold regularly in Africa. Iran is pursuing a nuclear bomb. Hamas is openly dedicated to the destruction of Israel. So is Iran.

And yet the only villain as far as much of the world is concerned is Israel. Always Israel.

Read the whole thing here.

Sad but true.

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