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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Thirty Nine

From the museum we headed directly toward El Jem's main attraction -- the "Colosseum". Nearly as large as the one in Rome and much better preserved.

An outdoor theater where productions are still staged.

As we entered we were first led into a series of tunnels where the gladiators and animals were kept. Here is a passage through which they would pass on their way to the center of the arena.

I couldn't decide which snapshot I liked better, so I included them both.

The lower seating was for the common folk. The upper reaches were private areas where the elite would sit. Pretty much like Raven's Stadium today.

The view inside the structure was just as interesting as it was from the arena.

Then we climbed the steps to the upper levels to see the arena as the rich Romans would have.

Then back on the bus to continue our trip northward.

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