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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Forty Three

Not surprisingly, our tour included a visit to a rug merchant's shop.

This woman was giving demonstrations on rug making technique. Interesting -- some of the women in our group gave it a try.

Ho hum, another spectacular ceiling.

Our guide told us that the rug merchant was a very "stout" fellow. He wasn't kidding.

Then it was out into the Sousse medina for some more shopping. There seemed to be a lot of rug merchants around.

That evening we were taken to a residential neighborhood where we had dinner with a local family in their residence.

Here they are. Both parents were athletes -- he played on the national soccer team until injuries forced his retirement; she ran in the Olympics.

We had a delightful time. The food was good; so was the company. The only exception was the grandmother. It seems our visit interfered with one of her favorite TV shows.

Eventually we returned to our hotel and got some much-needed rest.

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