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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Blues and Jazz -- As Good As it Gets

Just because I'm in the mood for it, here's the great, GREAT!!! Robben Ford performing "Worried Life Blues".

Can't decide whether I like him better in Jazz or Blues mode -- he's equally amazing in either, but I think he prefers the blues. Still, I wish he would get together with the Yellowjackets again, just for one quick gig.

And now that I'm thinking about the Yellowjackets, I was delighted to find this on YouTube.

It's titled "Even the Pain" and it is one of my favorite cuts from the "Club Nocturne" album, featuring the amazing Jonathan Butler on vocals. This is the best iteration of the group ever, with Haslip, Ferrante, Lawson, and Mintzer all at the top of their form.

Aaaaahhh -- takes me back.

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