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Monday, June 13, 2011

Return to China -- Part 10, Xi'an, Walls and Noodles

The next stop on our trip was in Xian, the ancient western capital of China, famous today as it isthe land of the terracotta warriors. It is one of my favorite places in China.

There we were re-united with "Rose" who had been our local guide the last time we were here. Since our time in the city was limited she wasted no time in shepherding us through the local sights. First on the agenda was a visit to the old city wall.

The entrance to the South Gate in the wall.

The view from the top of the wall -- a modern structure built in traditional style. 

From the top of the wall -- looking into the heart of the old city [the area enclosed by the wall].

On top of the wall. You can see the difference here between the old city and the new. To the left is the new Xian, a city of high rises and modern office structures. To the right, the old city where traditional architecture dominates. The gatehouse in the center of the picture was a shopping opportunity last time I was here, but now it is closed for reconstruction and repair. 

Inside the old city, a traditional pagoda.

The wall, looking out toward the new city in the background. This is the most complete of all the city walls of China. It is about 2,200 years old. The current wall is about 14 km in circumference, although the ancient structure was even bigger. Impressive, no?

Of course we had to climb lots of stairs to see the good stuff -- a recurrent theme throughout the trip.

Then it was off for lunch at a local restaurant famous for its noodle dishes. Here is the noodle man practicing his art. 

A display of traditional Chinese musical instruments in front of the restaurant.

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